What’s the Torch?

The torch is a promise, of potential and progress. It is the success that awaits your tomorrow. As a New Generation Athlete, you are responsible for your individual growth and the mindset you uphold to get where you need to go – the torch embodies your mental motivation and development required to achieve your goals.

The torch represents accountability, the commitment you make to your community, to be and do better than the day before. This a reminder to never give up but to grind so you can give back, always moving forward to eliminate barriers and push boundaries, for yourself and others who desire to be inspired.

The NGA community is not interested in generating profits but in profiting and promoting those who deserve a place in the spotlight. We proudly carry the torch to give credit where it’s due, donating 5% of our annual revenue to the disenfranchised and an additional 5% of every $1 million we make.

For us, sharing our wins with those we support makes the victory that much more worth it. Our community stands for the value of connection and the courage to conquer challenges – this is the power of passing the torch, to prevail against all odds, and prosper.


Treasure the Torch

Take up the torch - cherish the truth of your journey. Understand that you are empowered to prove to others that it’s possible. You can grab hold of your purpose, use your knowledge as power, and produce positive outcomes in everything you do. By passing the torch, you encourage others to pursue their passions and live purpose-driven lives. Every torch is fueled by the flames of determination, each one with a unique intention. Treasure the torch that lights your path to greatness.

From everyday life to elite sports, mindset is everything. It is your turn to take up the torch. Maintain self-discipline and mental development to inspire others that anything can be achieved if you believe in yourself. Realize that the torch is the focal point of your potential where you self-reflect, reach your aspirations and reignite the momentum in someone else.



Trust the Torch

When you lock in and use adversity as your advantage, you gain leverage. Trusting the torch is turning your Ls into lessons. You can push yourself to prevail when you learn the benefits of disciplining and developing your mind. By believing in yourself, chasing your dreams, and executing your vision, you can increase your confidence and follow through in your commitment to conquering.

There will be times when doubters surround your progress, negativity weighs heavy on your motives, and setbacks try to hinder your goals. Embrace the resistance and turn those embers into stimulation for your success. With keen self-awareness and devotion, you can overcome these obstacles and accomplish what you’re after. Lift your torch and let the light shine.

Focus on self-reflection by embracing the blaze, knowing that every flicker represents a trial, testimony, and truth of how you fought through the fire. Be proud that the heat has refined your character, clarified your cause, and ignited the flame of your torch. 


The Torch Tradition

On the road to becoming the New Generation Athlete, embrace the efforts of past greats. Grind toward cultivating a relentless mindset. Be inspired to light the torch with the traditions of previous generations, ensuring your rise to greatness is on repeat.

Surrender to the reality of those you look up to – envision everyone in the position you prioritize to be yours. Be inspired by those who push their boundaries by hitting rock bottom without ceasing to reach for what’s next.  Believe in the process to transport you toward a better tomorrow and the best version of yourself.

Accept that without blood, sweat, and tears, it is impossible to get where you’re headed without the proper mentality. Remember that you determine who you are, where you go, and what you become. Become the New Generation Athlete - your success depends on mindset motivation, self-belief, and diligence to push the boundaries, always daring to do something new.


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